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aerial video / aerial photography

We are aiming high for you!

With aerial videos of Full HD quality to 4K, we show your object or event from a different perspective, a bird's-eye view. A pilot controls the Drone while another person operates the free-moving camera, controls and sets everything right in the scene on the basis of the live image transmission.
After obtaining the proper permits from the aviation authority, and possibly an air traffic control clearance, we will take your Video or photography to a whole new level. You will get a whole new perspective.



What we fly

In recent years, there have been a lot of changes in the field of aerial photography by Drones. At the beginning, we had to build the Drones ourselves. Today we use the Inspire Copter 1 manufactured by DJI.
Its characteristics are a very stable flight and an extremely quiet camera image. We are also able to, because of the relatively small size and flexibility of the Drone, to get into hard to reach places.
Challenge us :-)


Aerial photography

Basic photographic package.
30 minutes of flight time
8 aerial photographs
image editing

Private use rights

300 EUR

Commercial use rights

400 EUR

Aerial video

Basic video package.
30 minutes of flight time
60 sec Footage
Bonus: 4 aerial photographs

Private use rights

500 EUR

Commercial use rights

700 EUR


Interactive 360° aerial panorama

800 EUR

Additional costs for embedded links to:
- photo gallerys
- flight videos
- websites

Daily packages are also available.
1 day (8 hours), 2 persons (Copter + Camera Pilot)
Particularly suitable for Documentaries and Reports!

1300 EUR

All offers are valid incl. travel expenses up to 25 km, plus costs for the ascent permit (will be shown separately, depending on the state there will be different cost to apply, about 80 to 150 EUR).

An ascent of approval for Brandenburg and NRW exists; therefore there are no additional costs.



Who we are


Klaus Breuer

Copter Pilot, technology, consulting & planning. Software developer and entrepreneur. Since 2007 I am in possession of a license, PPL (C) for sailplane.

Andrea Künstle

Copter-pilot, video and photo, Consulting & Planning. Trained photographer, photo engineering studies and "Photojunky". I always wanted to go up into the air and achieved at the age of 17 my special pilot's license for gliders.

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